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Michael Adams won the 8th Gibtelecom Chess Masters tournament
Published on 15 February 2010

Michael Adams has won the 8th Gibtelecom Chess Masters tournament. He did it the hard way, losing the first game of his semi-final against German GM Jan Gustafsson and having much the worst of the second game before Gustafsson blundered a piece. The final saw Adams in his best form, soon securing a strong advantage which he carried through to victory. Report with games, pictures and videos. ....more >>
Maxim Turov won the Chennai Open international chess tournament
Published on 11 February 2010

Maxim Turov of Russia won the Chennai Open 2010 international chess tournament. He scored 9.5 points from 11 rounds and conceding only three draws. His title fetched him a cash prize of two lakh rupees. GM Ziaur Rahman of Bangladesh, R. Siddharth of Tamil Nadu and national junior champion M.R. Lalith Babu of Andhra Pradesh, tied for the second to fourth places scoring 9 points each. Report with games and pictures. ....more >>
Carlsen won the Corus Chess 2010
Published on 09 February 2010

Magnus Carlsen, the world's highest rated player, won the 10,000-euro first prize in the 72nd annual Corus Chess Tournament Kramnik and Shirov share 2nd-3rd spot. In the Group B Anish Giri grabbed the title ahead of top seed Naiditsch.
Carlsen's FIDE ranking in the next list will most likely be the second highest in history.  Report with games and pictures.
....more >>
Ehsan Meghami won Parsvnath International Chess Tournament
Published on 07 February 2010

Third seed Iranian Grandmaster Maghami Ehsan Ghaem won the Parsvnath International Chess tournament and pocketed a shared cash prize of 2 lakh rupees while Kryakvin finished second and Kostur third. Maghami tied for the top spot along with Russian Grandmaster Dmitry Kryakvin and Grandmaster Pavel Kostur of Kazakhstan with 9 points each but better tie break score helped Maghami to grab the title. Report with games and pictures. ....more >>
Parsvnath International Chess tournament : Dave held second seed GM Lenic Luka
Published on 19 January 2010

The 8th Parsvnath International Open Chess Tournament got off to a surprising start as Shiv Shankar Dave of Air India held second seed Grandmaster Lenic Luka of Slovenia in the very first round here at Modern School, Barakhamba Road on Thursday. The other major surprise of the round also came in the form of a draw as tenth seed Kazakh Grandmaster Rinat Jumbayev, who was denied victory by a much lower rated Tamilnadu lad L Barath. Report with games. ....more >>
World Team Chess Championship : Russia wins Gold, USA Silver, India Bronze
Published on 16 January 2010

Russia defeated Israel 3-1 to win the World Team Chess Championship. USA drew Azerbaijan on all four boards to win the silver, while India beat Brazil 3.5:0.and win Bronze.
Nakamura, Onischuk and Ganguly performed over 2800 to win the Individual Gold Medals. Report with games and pictures.
....more >>
India A won the Asian Team Chess Championship
Published on 03 January 2010

India A menís team won the Tata Steel Asian Chess Championship which was concluded at the Kolkata, India. In the final round India A overwhelmed Sri Lanka 4-0 to take their match score to 14 points well ahead of Vietnam and Iran. India A were the only team to win all their matches. Vietnam took the silver while Iran had to be content with the bronze. In the womenís section, overnight leaders, Vietnam crushed Nepal 4-0 to grab the gold. Report with games and pictures. ....more >>
Sex Appeal at the Chess Board
Written by David Evans on 25 December 2009

No, this isn't a story about Alexandra Kosteniuk (pictured) or even Arianne Caoili, the femme fatale behind Gormallygate. It's about queens, and the part they play in the royal game. Sometimes there can be too many queens on the board, sometimes we'd rather they went away and got on with their knitting, and sometimes we ignore them when there's one standing at the door waiting to come in. Read the interesting article with excellent games.....more >>
Magnus Carlsen won the London Chess Classic 09
Published on 23 December 2009

Magnus Carlsen won the London Chess Classic after a nail-biting finish against Nigel Short. The game ended in a draw and the single point gained was enough to put him one point ahead of Vladimir Kramnik, who drew with Nakamura. The other two games ended decisively. David Howell played a superb game with Black to defeat Chinaís Ni Hua, while Michael Adams outplayed Luke McShane in another close struggle. Report with games, pictures and videos.....more >>
Adhiban, Harika won the Premier Indian National Chess Championship
Published on 18 December 2009

IM Adhiban won the 47th National Premier chess championship with a round to spare. The Std XI student, Adhiban ensured a bunch of higher-ranked players while earning valuable ELO points.
Top Seed International Master Dronavalli Harika of Andhra Pradesh won the 36th National Women Premier Chess Championship. Harika drew her last game against WGM Aarthie Ramaswamy to take the top honor with 8.5 points. Report with games.
....more >>
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